Time To Transform Your Bedroom?

Even though New Year has passed, you don’t need to wait for another year to have that fresh start! It could be as simple as redecorating and restoring that loving feeling back into your bedroom. Here at BRIC Interiors, we have curated trends for 2020 to make your personal space feel cosier, in-trend and help make you feel good morning and night!

If you’re looking to strip your whole room, a good start for picking the right colour is to think of calmness and tranquillity. Colours with soft hues are a must in any bedroom space when you’re aiming to create a calming and relaxed space to end your day. Soft neutral colours like pastel greens, or a rosey pale pink are a perfect choice if you’re struggling to pick the right paint pot in the store.

However, this colour pallet may leave your space a little plain and boring, so…to make your bare wall feel complete, choose bold art workpieces or prints to hang on your wall. This will add an extra touch of glam in the overall space making your bedroom more full and complete. Experimenting with different shapes and sizes of wall art, or mirrors. If you are struggling with re-decorating a smaller size bedroom, purchasing a mirror can do wonders for your overall space. A mirror will make your room feel much bigger and create more depth. Also, another tip we advise would be to hang this artwork above your bed to create a statement piece.

If you’re not a fan of plain colours, why not try mixing with different textures instead as this will add uniqueness and a sense of personal touch into your space. The year 2020 is mostly about creating a space which reflects your personality. We mostly recommend incorporating throws or pillows with velvet fabrics, as it’s a perfect blend of luxury and comfort.

Good luck transforming your bedroom and don't forget to post your results on Instagram and to tag us @bric_interiors.

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