Time For A Spring Clean

Spring is closely peaking its way to Edinburgh. It’s nearly time to open the windows, enjoy the sun, the outdoors, and welcome the longer days. There are many reasons to enjoy the season of growth, joy and happiness. Here at BRIC Interiors, we take this opportunity to do a deep spring clean. It’s time to freshen up your space by simply changing the colour palette of the room with brighter and more vibrant tones that resemble spring and summer. Take off those dark and cosy winter throw pillows for fun and bright, coral and turquoise ones. It’s time to put the cable knit and cashmere throws aside and switch to colourful linens. Spring is all about the rebirth of a new season. Adding fresh flowers to the space is a cost-effective way to welcome the new season– whether it be a tall vase with flowers perfect for a centrepiece, or fresh hyacinths placed in mason’s jars. It definitely is a perfect touch of spring to sprinkle around your home.

The upcoming season offers us the perfect period for reflection and a great time to de-clutter and organise. Update your coffee table books, rearrange your bookshelves, and start investing in a drawer or shelf organisers for your pantry, closets etc. Practice file folding for your clothes as this will save you time trying to look for a certain top you want to wear without messing your drawer. When organising your shoes, try the heal-to-toe technique as this will save you more space, and give you more room for new shoes. Store away or donate knick-knacks and items you no longer use or need to minimise clutter.

Spring is also a perfect time to start a renovation project. Consider sprucing up your wall or furniture by hand painting over it to achieve a fresher and cleaner look. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to achieve a different look for your space. Changing small details like handles and knobs will transform a tired-looking cabinetry. A professional painter or high-quality paint is essential when transforming your space, so consider a paint in a semi-matte ‘Eggshell’ finish as it is robust and does not chip easily.

We hope we’ve inspired you into doing a deep spring cleaning and transforming your home into a fresh and lovely environment. Be sure to share some of your tips or your work to us by tagging us on our Instagram @bric_interiors.

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