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Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Founder and Design Director of BRIC Interiors, Bally Taylor kicked started her company in 2012. It all started with her father’s textile company where she found an interest in curating different kinds of fabrics from cotton, chiffon, and to corduroy, whilst observing the on-going work of running a textile company, it increased her entrepreneurial skills from a very young age. This led her to become a great businesswoman who is very hands-on with on-going projects and pays the highest amount to detail.

However, Bally’s experience doesn’t stop there…For over 20 years, she has been a cabin crew member for a national airline. This unlocked more opportunities for her to travel all around the globe and experience different cultures.


Although based in Edinburgh, BRIC Interiors find that one of the most successful routes to finding inspiration for any design is through travel. From Dubai, New York, Hong Kong and Paris, Bally explores the globe to seek the best new thing. From curating authentic interior furnishes to personal bespoke items, the world is Bally’s inspirational hub.

Staying true to its core value, BRIC Interiors main aim when designing a space is to have comfort, elegance and bespoke elements to create timeless aesthetic appeal throughout the space. From the construction of a room to choosing the right shade of colour for a piece of fabric, the team is very hands-on in ensuring all the design and practical process is of the highest standards to exceed client’s expectations. None of this would be possible without the BRIC Interiors family. With a strong and humble relationship, BRIC Interiors strives due to the success and loyalty of every individual on the team. From the painter to the builder, our team allows BRIC Interiors to grow and succeed in every project.

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